Hi! My name is Champagne.  Yep, that really is my name!  I am a self-taught painter based out of Parkville, a small town just north of Kansas City, MO.  I create one-of-a-kind, realistic acrylic paintings that tend to focus on natural elements as well as feng shui inspired artwork that can be used to attract abundance, love and wealth into the home. 

Everything I create I use in my home as feng shui cures.  I don't know a single person who couldn't use some extra funds or good juju coming their way.  I want to help others get that as well as have some amazingly beautiful artwork in their homes and offices.  

A Bit of Background

It was a fluke that I got into art.  In middle school, I had an excellent teacher who really encouraged me to keep creating whatever I liked, that there weren't any rules to creation.  He introduced me to Georgia O'Keeffe, her artwork has been a main source of inspiration for me.  Over the years I've taken many drawing classes but never really delved into painting until I had my son.  I began experimenting with acrylic paints and haven't looked back since.   


The Canvas Project: A Visual Encyclopedia.  Art House Co-Op, 2011. 

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